Song Ji Hyo Is a Free-Spirited Lady for “Nylon” Magazine

Song Ji Hyo showed off her free-spirited soul through a recent photo shoot.

Song Ji Hyo’s charms have recently met with the fashion magazine, “Nylon.” Song Ji Hyo sports a number of cute items such as a bear hat and flower print wide-leg pants. She naturally pulls off the loose-fit fashion with her charming smile and lovely features.

It is reported that the photo shoot staff fell in love with Song Ji Hyo’s happy energy all throughout the shoot. After the photo shoot, Song Ji Hyo spoke about how she views and selects her projects as an actress.

When asked what her standards were for choosing a project, Song Ji Hyo answered, “If the scenario is good, I usually choose the project without much dilemma. I don’t think about how my image would change through a project. Because the moment I think about that, I start to calculate what I need to do. I need to put my all into my character. If I start to think about something else, I have no choice but to become timid when I’m acting.”

This photo shoot and the full interview can be found in the March edition of “Nylon” and also through their official website and YouTube channel.