Kim Dong Joon, Kim Ye Won & Nam Ji Hyun Attend Press Conference for Idol Version of “Love and War 2”

As we reported earlier,Couple Clinic – Love and War Season 2” (henceforth “Love and War 2″) will be producing an idol version of the show and on February 19, the press conference for the drama was held.

The leads of the drama, ZE:A’s Kim Dong Joon, Jewelry‘s Kim Ye Won and 4minute‘s Nam Ji Hyun were in attendance as well as director Go Chan Soo and actor Kang Seok Woo.

“Love and War 2″ is a drama that’s based on a true story about a couple and/or marriage that is in trouble. The idol version of “Love and War 2″ will be about the problems encountered in young, newlywed couples in their twenties and thirties.

This episode of the idol version of “Love and War 2” is expected to air on March 8.