Actress Kang Sora and Lee Jae Hoon Take a Candid Photo Together

Actress Kang Sora recently shared a candid photo of herself with acting partner Lee Jae Hoon

On February 18, she tweeted the photo with the caption, “Jang Ho was missing from our press conference…I wonder if you are eating well at least?” showing concern and her close friendship with the fellow actor. 

The two actors worked alongside each other for movie “My Pavarotti.” On February 18 afternoon, “My Pavarotti” held its press conference at the Interpark Art Center where all but Lee Jae Hoon were present. The actor had been enlisted last year and was not able to attend. What was most noteworthy to netizens however, was how Kang Sora mentioned his real name in her twitter, indicating their authentic friendship. 

“My Pavarotti” will hit theaters on March 14.