Wonder Girls’ Sunye Locks Lips with Husband for Elle

Wonder Girls Sunye‘s honeymoon and wedding photos will be included in Elle magazine”s upcoming March issue. 

With the lovely Republic of Maldives in the background, Sunye and her now-husband gave an interview revealing the story of how the two met leading up to their engagement. They will also be revealing tidbits that the public has always been curious about. 

In response to questions about how the couple met they shared, “We met while we were on a community service trip to Haiti.” James Park, who was managing an NGO at the time, confessed that he fell in love with Sunye when he found her at the hospital ward doting on patients struck with cholera. 

The couple also shared, “Ever since we started dating, we promised each other, ‘Let’s help those who are less fortunate than us.’ We would like to help more Haitians by also digging another well,'” expressing simple yet profound goals as a newly united couple. 

In related news, the newly wedded couple departed for Canada on February 7 for their honeymoon after being wedded on January 26.