Jackie Chan “Korean Fan Asked Me to Sign Illegal DVD”

Jackie Chan wrote about a somewhat disheartening story when he visited South Korea on February 18-19. (Recently Jackie Chan had visited South Korea in order to promote his film “Chinese Zodiac.” He even appeared in the variety shows “Knee Drop Guru” and “Running Man.”)

Jackie Chan wrote on his Weibo February 19, “When I visited South Korea in order to promote ‘Chinese Zodiac,’ a Korean fan came to visit and asked me to sign an illegal DVD. I asked the individual, ‘This is an illegal copy.’ After I said that, the fan threw away the illegal DVD.”

Jackie Chan continued, “I don’t want audiences to view low-grade illegal DVDs. Whenever I see an illegally copied DVD it makes me sad. Once again I hope that all of you do not purchase illegally copied DVDs. In the upcoming official DVD of ‘Chinese Zodiac’ there will be 10 more minutes of unreleased scenes.”

The film “Chinese Zodiac” will open in South Korean theaters beginning on February 28.