Narsha Sizzles Up Arena Photoshoot!

Hot mama, Narsha is really heating things up! Brown Eyed Girls’ sexy queen Narsha wore corset that showed off her glamorous body! For the men’s magazine “Arena” Narsha did an interview and also a sexy photoshoot that will appear in the March edition which will be released on February 20.

As apparent in the picture, the corset that Narsha wears really highlights her chest. She is also looking into the camera with a mesmerizing look.

On February 20, Narsha wrote on her twitter, “Arena” and also posted a picture of herself in a tight black dress. It appears as though she is at the photoshoot scene.

During the interview Narsha stated, “I was a trainee for 8 years and after surviving through that process I finally received the name ‘Narsha’ and was able to debut in my mid-20s. Finally after appearing on ‘Immortal Song,’ I am beginning to hear ‘Narsha is good at singing.’”