Shin Min Ah Heats Up the Desert!

Really, it almost looks as though Shin Min Ah’s hotness burnt up a bunch of land and turned it into a desert. Although her picture looks like she is in a desert it seems like Shin Min Ah is the hotter one!

The casual South Korean brand Giordano took an interesting route with their recent photoshoot. (They were already gaining popularity because of their advertisement clip that showed Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub kissing!) As one can see in the pictures released on February 20, Shin Min Ah’s photoshoot was taken in the desert. In the picture Shin Min Ah is shown wearing a yellow shirt with a pastel tone and white short pants. The short pants highlight Shin Min Ah’s long legs.

The photoshoot for Shin Min Ah’s Giordano 2013 Spring-Summer lineup can be viewed on Giordano’s main website. (