Hwang Jung Eum Gives Junior Girl Group Members A Word of Advice

A member of now disbanded girl group Sugar, Hwang Jung Eum gave her younger juniors who are interested in acting a word of advice.

On February 20, she went to Incheon to attend the press conference for SBS’s drama “Incarnation of Money.” She shared a few wise words to her juniors, “You have to be lucky and also have a lot of people around you helping you.”

She went on, “Work hard, play hard and do something that fits you. I found out through ‘High Kick’ that acting was fun. It seems like your hidden talents will come out when people encourage you. Director Kim Byung Wook helped me realize the joy of acting. Because it’s fun, I enjoyed it and since I enjoyed it, there were good results.”

Meanwhile, “Incarnation of Money” will air episode 7 on February 23 at 9:55pm (KST).