Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Happy to Be Back in South Korea, As an Actor!

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently spoke about his thoughts on visiting South Korea to promote the film “The Last Stand.” In the morning of February 20, he tweeted, “Can’t wait to meet our Korean fans today! Great to stop by my friend and director of ‘The Last Stand’ Kim.” (He is referring to the director Kim Ji Woon)

On February 20, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in a press conference for “Last Stand.” There he talked about how happy he was to visit South Korea for another film. He stated, “Every time I came to South Korea I said, ‘I’ll be back’ and I have kept that promise.”

Then he stated, “I visited South Korea in order to promote my body builder book, when my wife worked as an Olympic host for the 1988 Olympics, and also when I visited as the governor of California. Now I have visited South Korea as an actor. I am very happy that I am here with the awesome director Kim Ji Woon.”

The film “The Last Stand” will open in South Korean theaters on February 21.”