Surveillance Footage Shows Park Shi Hoo’s Accuser Walking Down the Stairs without Help

While Park Shi Hoo has been accused with rape, the owner of the bar, where Park Shi Hoo and the alleged victim had drinks at, volunteered for an interview. Mr. Joo, the owner of a bar in Cheongdamdong, Seoul, argued that the victim looked fine and was able to walk down the stairs on her own.

He said, “I found out about Park Shi Hoo’s alleged rape through media. I was so surprised so I checked the CCTV footages at the bar on the day of the incident, February 14. It shows the victim ‘A’ and Park Shi Hoo leaving the bar after paying for their drinks. ‘A’ seemed like she was fine, she was walking down the stairs without any help.”

When asked to confirm these details, Mr. Joo explained, “I heard from my employees that Park Shi Hoo and the victim were at my bar on Valentine’s day. I wasn’t present that day, so I checked the CCTV footages and talked to my employees. We have a surveillance camera above the cashier, so I could see Park Shi Hoo escorting the victim out of the restaurant. However, she did not seem as drunk as she claims that she was. She was in control of her own body and Park Shi Hoo was escorting her, just in case she falls. She walked down the stairs, there’s about 15 of them, without much trouble on her own.”

Mr. Joo also added that he is willing to submit the footage from this surveillance camera if the police requests it.