Kim Hee Sun Bursts: “Do You Think Women Are Your Servants?”

On the first episode of SBS “Hwa Shin,” Kim Hee Sun represented and spoke for all the frustrated wives. At first, she was simply talking about how she gets into arguments with her husband over small things. She said, “When I tell him to come eat, he keeps doing something else. Then the food gets cold. So if and when this continues, in the end I just tell him to ‘get over here and feed yourself.'” 

She tried to be diplomatic and came up with a solution, “If the husbands just keep meal times in mind, it would help wives a lot.” However, the male cast members on the show did not agree with Kim Hee Sun. Jeon Hyun Moo and Yoon Jong Shin complained, “Wives always call you over when things are not ready. When I get to the dining table, there’s always something missing. You gotta have all the food ready on the table before you call your husband.” 

Kim Hee Sun, who was getting frustrated at the guys’ insensitive comments, ended up raising her voice, “What do you think women are? Your servants?” Nonetheless, the guys kept making sarcastic comments like “Why don’t you just put all the food in one bowl?”