Secret’s Hyosung Looking Sexy in Lingerie for “Yes”

Secret’s Hyosung has never looked sexier! She recently revealed her cute “S Line” body through a lingerie photoshoot with the brand “Yes.” The pictures of her spring photoshoot were revealed on February 21.

The theme of the photoshoot was, “The fresh, first love of a 20 something year old.” The pictures are intended to show the fluttering of a young girl after receiving a confession of love. Hyosung has received a lot of attention in the past for being a Bagel girl (Baby face and glamorous body) before. In this photoshoot as well, she shows off her special smile and sexy body.

A representative of “Yes” explained one of the pictures, “Hyosung showed off her beautiful body line by wearing a yellow and orange inner wear that can be seen through a see-through top. She received the praise from staff members because she was able to fully express a girl who has fallen in love. She was also able to show superb facial expressions and was very natural at the different poses required for the photoshoot.