Ulala Session Cancels Performance at Park Geun Hye’s Presidential Inauguration

After the passing of Ulala Session’s leader Im Yoon Taek, it’s been announced that the group will no longer perform at Park Geun Hye’s presidential inauguration.

“It was originally planned that Ulala Session would perform at the 18th Presidential Inauguration,” an official from Park Geun Hye’s side stated. “However, it became difficult after Im Yoon Taek passed away. Since the leader suddenly passed away, the remaining members are currently grieving and will not be able to handle any schedules.” The person continued, “We retracted the invitation for them to perform because we thought it wasn’t right that they perform for such a joyous occasion in their current state.”

It’s been revealed that Ulala Session previously received an invitation to perform at the 18th Presidential Inauguration, which is on February 25. The group originally planned to perform Korea’s hit tracks from the 90s. A person close to them revealed, “We received an invitation and confirmed a couple weeks before his passing. However, the unexpected happened. Even though the members will not be able to attend this event, they will soon return to their scheduled activities.”

President-elect Park Geun Hye previously sent a wreath to Im Yoon Taek’s funeral on February 12. It turned out she was a fan of his for some time. In 2011, she wrote an encouraging message on her twitter. It reads, “The final episode of ‘Super Star K 3’ has started. Ulala Session’s Im Yoon Taek, who happily does his work despite his poor health. I’m moved by his great optimism and he has helped me to think what it means to be happy.”

Meanwhile, PSY, Jang Yoon Jung, JYJ, Nan Kyung Joo and Sonya will perform at the inauguration.