DBSK Looks Dynamic for Lafuma!

Recently DBSK were chosen as models to represent the brand Lafuma’s spring and summer season lineup. DBSK started their first activities as Lafuma’s model through an “Elle” photoshoot. DBSK was very energetic and they showed the different styles of Lafuma’s fashion.

A representative of Lafuma stated, “We hope that a good synergy effect will occur between DBSK’s dynamic energy and the active impression that Lafuma’s fashion gives off. “

A representative of LG Fashion (The company that sells Lafuma fashion in South Korea) stated, “We believe that DBSK fits in well with Lafuma’s brand philosophy. The reason is because DBSK tries their best while challenging themselves in new ways such as taking on dramas and musicals. We believe that the young and dynamic vibe that DBSK gives off will help promote Lafuma.”

Lafuma is a French mountaineering brand that was created in 1930. LG Fashion has the license for selling Lafuma fashion in South Korea, which they acquired in 2005.