Teen Top’s L.Joe Graduates from High School as “Lee Byung Hun”

Teen Top‘s L.Joe‘s graduation photo has become a hot topic of discussion online. 

Teen Top’s Chunji recently tweeted, “Hallyu star Lee Byung Hun finally graduated today. I hope you also apply your work ethic towards your college studies as well” and revealed the following photo. 

In the revealed photo, L.Joe’s blond hair and round eyes can be identified along with the name “Lee Byung Hun” underneath, which quickly caught the attention of netizens. 

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “We wish our honey L.Joe congratulations for graduating!”, “L.Joe looks handsome as usual, with the handsome name ‘Lee Byung Hun'”, and “L.Joe along with the other Lee Byung Hun are true Hallyu stars.”

In related news, Teen Top recently released the teaser for their track “No.1.” The jacket for album “No.1” features 80 different photos, stickers as well as 6 poster cards of the members for fans. 

Teen Top is planning to release “No.1” on February 25 and plans to put on a comeback showcase on February 26.