Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Updates Fans Regarding Sunye

Wonder GirlsYe Eun has returned as a musical actress and shares a little about her best friend Sunye.

On February 21, she had an interview where the reporter asked, “Do you keep in contact with Sunye often?” She answered, “I contact her often through a smartphone text message application. She said that there’s a lot of snow in Canada so it’s cold. However, she’s doing well.”

The reporter continued, “Sunye married pretty young. Are you unaffected by it?” Ye Eun responded, “I’m affected by it and cried too. We’re the same age and after first hearing that she’s getting married, a lot of our memories from the first time I saw her til now- they just came at me.” She slightly giggled as she added, “We continuously talked about how ‘we met this person,’ but I’m really happy that she was successful [in getting married].”

Wonder Girls’ Sunye got married on January 26 and became the talk of the town as the first idol from the current generation to do so.

Ye Eun shared, “I heard Sunye’s proposal story and was really envious. I think it’s a blessing and a lovely affair.” She addresses her fans, “Don’t be so anxious, but please look at it in the long run.”

Meanwhile, Ye Eun is participating in the musical “The Three Musketeers” as fair lady Constance. She will act with 2PM’s Jun.K, 2AM’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun as their lover.