HyunA Strikes a Funny Pose Backstage

On February 21, 4minute‘s HyunA posted a picture of herself on Cube Entertainment‘s official twitter account and commented, “I feel so good today. Lalalalalalalalalala~ Super jolly and excited HyunA’s levitating melody symbol.” The revealed picture shows HyunA in a comfortable sweatpants and sweatshirt outfit, signaling V with both of her hands.

The picture was taken from the backstage of “2013 United Cube Concert in Yokohama” before the concert. HyunA is making a funny post with her legs and covering her face with V-signaling hands. The musical note balloon floating behind her is adding that special effect of making HyunA look even more excited. Netizens commented, “She is such a mischievous girl,” “She’s pretty even when she covers her entire face,” and “Look at her legs and the balloon! This is making me feel happy and excited.”

Meanwhile, “United Cube Concert” series features special performance stages of Cube artists and surprise stages just for the fans of all Cube family members. 4minute, BEAST, G.Na, B to B, and other artists at Cube will be performing, including units like Touble Maker and 2Yoon