Sooyoung Looks the Same Before and After Photoshop

On an online community bulletin board on February 21, two photos were uploaded along with a message, “Sooyoung’s pictorial cut and behind-the-scene cut look the same.”

In the pictures is group Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung wearing an elegant dark suit. The first picture is the edited version from the pictorial, while the second picture is that of Sooyoung taken at the actual photoshoot. What impressed the fans the most was the fact that Sooyoung does not look much different in the two photos. With her lean body and long legs, Sooyoung looks equally beautiful both pictures.

Netizens that saw these pictures admired, “Sooyoung’ gorgeous body does not need photoshop,” “I don’t see any differences,” “The behind-the-scene photo could be on the pictorial too.”