Who Is Sexier? Son Dam Bi vs After School for MIXXO

This is a beauty competition of the ages! Recently label mates Son Dam Bi and After School were both picked to model for the SPA brand “MIXXO.” Son Dam Bi and the After School members participated in MIXXO’s spring photoshoot. The singers wore items and clothes from MIXX’s classic, feminine, and casual lines.

A representative of MIXXO stated, “We are planning on entering into Chinese and Japanese markets. We chose Son Dam Bi and After School because they are Hallyu stars that customers felt were approachable.”

The representative continued, “Son Dam Bi and After School’s healthy beauty and confidence fits in well with the type of feminine ideal that MIXXO is going for. We believe that MIXXO, Son Dam Bi, and After School together will create a synergy that will help MIXXO grow in South Korea, China, and Japan as an SPA brand.”

Behind the scenes clips of the photoshoot are planned on being introduced through social networking services.