Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In to Appear on “Immortal Song 3”

Good news for Brown Eyed GirlsGa In fans! Soon you will get the chance to see her perform live on “MBC Star Audition 3.” The show is gaining a lot of attention because one of the contestants Park Soo Jin will be singing with Ga In on stage!

Park Soo Jin has entered into the Top 3 and is well known for her husky voice and ability to draw out strong emotions while singing. Ga In is also known for her husky voice and explosive vocal skills. Many viewers are highly anticipating the collaboration performance.

Park Soo Jin’s dream was to meet Ga In and her mentor Brave Brother (The program assigns a mentor to each contestant) allowed it to happen.

Ga In stated, “Through the broadcast I have been eyeing Park Soo Jin. I was so surprised because of her vocal talents. I was surprised once more when we were practicing because she is so talented. Please anticipate our collaboration performance because we have practiced hard together!”

The collaboration performance of Ga In and Park Soo Jin will be broadcast on February 22 at 10pm. (KST)