Sunny Days’ Soo Jung Is Sexually Harassed on the Subway

Here is some disheartening and shocking news. Soo Jung a member of the girl group Sunny Days was reported to have been sexually harassed in the subway.

According to a representative of the Seocho Police Department on February 21, “An employee of a company (Mr. A) harassed Soo Jung in the subway (Subway Line 7) by caressing her behind several times around 10:40pm on February 20. After Soo Jung’s notification to the police, the police officers arrived and apprehended Mr. A. He has been booked without detention because of special laws under sexual harassment.”

Mr. A is claiming that he did not intend to caress Soo Jung’s behind and that his hand had accidently brushed her behind.

A representative of Sunny Days’ agency stated, “This incident happened after Soo Jung was returning home after filming for a music video that was for Sunny Days’ comeback in March. Because of the incident Soo Jung is in shock and she is resting at home.”