Han Chae Young Prepares for Her Photoshoots by Losing 6kg in 3 Weeks!

Han Chae Young revealed the secret to her flawless figure.

The actress made a guest appearance on yesterday night’s episode of KBS’s “Happy Together,” where she displayed her fantastic body line and talked about how she maintains her figure.

Han Chae Young has made headlines several times for her golden ratios. She’s been known to forgo the photoshop process during photoshoots, earning her the nickname Korea’s Barbie. She confirmed, “I know I don’t get photoshopped. However, whenever I have a photoshoot for jeans coming up, I start preparing for it three weeks before. I would adjust my diet and workout diligently.” Han Chae Young continued, “Honestly, I don’t like being too thin. So, on a normal day, I eat well, and [prior to a shoot], I would lose 6kg (approx. 13.2b) in three weeks. However, I would gain all that back after the photoshoot within three days.”

During the episode, Han Chae Young also pretended she was at a shoot and struck several poses in her shower gown much to everyone’s entertainment.