“Flower Boys Next Door” Is Catching On in China

Wowza! It looks like tvN’s “Flower Boys Next Door” is doing very well in China! Currently the internet broadcast of the most popular portal site “Sohu” which is titled “Sohu TV,” is showing the TV show. For daily ranking the TV show has nearly 123,808 views and is at number one! “Flower Boy’s Next Door” has more views than “I Miss You” or “That Winter, The Wind Blows.” Also, the “Flower Boys Next Door” has received a Netizen score in China of 9.5

On top of that, the #1 portal website” www.sina.com.cn” has picked “Flower Boys Next Door” as the number one recommended Korean drama to watch in the first quarter 2013. Sina Entertainment gave the drama 4 out of 5 stars.

Currently, “Flower Boys Next Door” only has two episodes left. Episode 15 will be broadcast on February 25 at 11pm. (KST)