Park Shi Hoo to Appear at Police Station on Feb 24

On February 22, Seoul Seobu Police Station announced that Park Shi Hoo notified the police station that he will be coming in on February 24 at 7pm KST. Initially, Park Shi Hoo was summoned on the day after the alleged rape was reported, on February 19, but he postponed it for various reasons like having to find a lawyer to represent him . Later, the Police summoned him again on February 24 at 10am and Park Shi Hoo requested for 7pm on the same day through his lawyer. 

Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo was charged with rape on February 18. According to the police, the victim, “A,” filed a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo after having drinks with the actor. Park Shi Hoo denied all allegations claiming, “I did not force her to do anything. We were drawn together as a man and a woman and spent the night with mutual consent.” Currently, the Police requested the National Scientific, Criminal, and Investigation Laboratory to study if there is any sign of the victim being drugged in this incident.