Han Sun Hwa Shows Off Her Impressively Low Body Fat Mass

On the recent episode of MBC’s reality show “We Got Married” that aired on February 23, Secret‘s Han Sun Hwa and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee visited the gym to exercise.

To get an accurate state of their health, Han Sun Hwa and Kwanghee’s measurements were done. The final results showed Kwanghee to be 175cm tall and 60kg, while Sun Hwa was found to be 162.2cm tall and 47.3kg.

What impressed the viewers the most was the fact that Han Sun Hwa had an incredibly high muscle mass (21.2kg) and a low body fat mass (8.0kg), with respect to her weight.

Fans that saw this episode commented, “I am so envious of her low weight,” “Sun Hwa has an unbelievably low body fat mass,” “She must exercise a lot.”