New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 February Week 4

Teen Top Vol. 1 – No. 1 (Feb. 28)

01 No. 1
02 Miss Right
03 Missing You
04 I Wanna Love
05 Stop Girl
06 Why
07 Hello
08 Never Go Back
09 Mad At U
10 So Sweet
11 Get Crazy
12 Mr. Bang (Feat. Maboos Chakun)

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Teen Top makes a comeback this year with their first full-length studio album, “No. 1.” There are a total of twelve tracks of various genres ranging from hip-hop, ballad, to R&B. The title track is “Miss Right,” a fresh track with an easy to remember melody line. Other songs worth mentioning are R&B track, Missing You,” dance track, “Why,” and hip-hop number, “Mr. Bang.”

Kim Jae Joong (JYJ) – Y (released)

01 Kiss B
02 Only Love
03 Filled Inside Me
04 All Alone
05 One Kiss
06 My Own Consolation
07 Mine
08 One Kiss (INST)
09 All Alone (INST)

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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong releases his repackaged first album, Y.” There are a total of nine tracks including songs from his first album along with two brand new tracks. These two numbers are R&B ballad, “Kiss Me” and new electro house track, “Only Love.” Jaejoong himself took part in co-composing and co-writing the latter song with Aziatix’s very own Flowsik.

Hyung Don and Dae Jun (mini-album) – Sweet Gangster Rap Volume 1 (released)

01 Intro
02 Get Out of My Sight
03 Please Meet Me
04 Wish
05Next To (feat. Boni)

Hyung Don and Dae Jun releases their second mini-album, “Sweet Gangster Rap Volume 1.” This album has five songs, all worthy of being title tracks. The album starts off with a funny intro, followed by “Get Out of My Sight,” and previously released, “Please Meet Me.” Listeners will get a kick out of this album.

Girl’s Day (single) – White Day (released)

01 White Day

Girl’s Day releases a new single in midst of their upcoming album release. The song is “White Day,” a sweet number about a girl who excitedly waits for White Day after confessing her love on Valentine’s Day. The song was created by the composers of “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Hold Me Just Once.”

Yong Jun Hyung, Feeldog, LE (single) – Outrageous (released)

01 Outrageous

Korea’s top rappers, B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung, Big Star’s Feeldog, and EXID’s LE have joined forces for their latest single, “Outrageous.” This hip-hop number holds lyrics about a couple who explains their respective side of the story after getting into a fight. It is said that Yong Jun Hyung and LE took part in writing the lyrics to this song.

Verbal Jint (single) – If This Isn’t Love (released)

01 If This Isn’t Love (feat. Ailee)
02 If This Isn’t Love INST

Verbal Jint joins hands with Ailee for his latest single, “If This Isn’t Love.” Composed and penned by the singer himself, this retro-soul number holds lyrics about a man who loves a girl, but fears he isn’t good enough for her.

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