G.NA Shows Off Her Feminine See-Though Bangs on Her Recent Selca

On her Twitter on February 23, singer G.NA uploaded a photo along with a message, “I’m finally getting ready for the spring. I can feel it coming. Let’s keep our strength up.”

In the picture, G.NA is wearing a shirt with orange stripes and gazing at the camera. With her see-through bangs and flawless skin, she looks gorgeous. Unlike her usual sexy look on stage, G.NA looks girly and more natural.

Netizens that saw this picture admired, “G.NA looks so innocent with this bang style,” “She looks like she is ready for spring,” “She has so many unique charms.”

Meanwhile, G.NA recently appeared on “2013 United Cube Concert” stage to perform. It was held on February 2 at Jam Shil gymnasium.