ZE:A’s Kwanghee Shares a Friendly Photo of Himself with SHINee’s Minho

ZE:A’s Kwanghee and SHINee’s Minho showed off their close friendship with a new photo.

On February 24, Kwanghee tweeted, “Fine. I acknowledge that you’re face is much more superior. I, too, am pretty confident with my face. Anyways, ‘Dream Girl!’ Hwaiting!” and attached a photo of himself with Minho.

As shown in the photo, the two idols pose for the camera. Kwanghee makes a funny expression, while Minho shows off his charismatic smile. Fans were especially drawn to Kwanghee’s right hand, which was tightly holding Minho’s waist. Those who’ve seen the photo commented, “They must be really close,” “Such handsome guys,” “Haha, look at Kwanghee’s naughty hand,” and more.

Meanwhile, Minho is currently busy with SHINee’s comeback activities. The group recently made their return with “Dream Girl.”