2AM Looking Trendy For “Bazaar” Photo Shoot

Male idol group 2AM recently donned trendy, colorful pieces for the march issue of fashion magazine “Bazaar.” The four sweet ballad crooners transformed into poised young gentleman dressed in warm, bright colors of orange, navy blue, turquoise, white, yellow and some black and white – which helped create contrast and aesthetic appeal. 

In the interview for their feature in “Bazaar,” the group shared a bit about their future ambitions saying, “In the past, we have always strove to be in first place and wanted to always be the best- but now we’re placing our focus instead on cultivating 2AM’s own individual colors and receiving recognition for capturing our uniqueness in the sound of our album.” 

They went on to state, “It is critical to us as 2Am that we showcase the kind of music only 2AM can produce. Whether it comes to making an image for ourselves or making our own music, our combined synergy and aura is what truly makes it effective. Only when we come together can we become whole.” 

In related news, 2Am will be releasing their next album “One Spring Day” on March 5.