Kim Ha Neul Looks Glamorous For “Elle” Magazine Photo Shoot

Actress Kim Ha Neul made her coveted, long, and shapely legs the focal point of a recent photoshoot.

On February 25, actress Kim Ha Neul recently collaborated with fashion accessory brand “DAKS” and “Elle” magazine in a photoshoot. This photoshoot featured the spring collection of handbags for “DAKS” while capturing that sexy, luxurious, and starlet feel that Kim Ha Neul gives off so well. 

Kim Ha Neul can be seen wearing a white lace blouse, short-shorts with red heels, and a yellow and black one-piece dress. She also wore a pink embroidered pair of jeans to go with another light, white blouse in her photos. 

The bags featured in the photo shoot are from the “DAKS and Ha Neul Bags Season 2: DD Delight” collection and will be launched for this spring. This will be the second time DAKS has paired up with the actress to endorse another special line of luxury handbags.