5dolls’s Hyoyoung Featured in Davichi’s “Turtle” MV

5dolls‘s Hyoyoung made an eye-popping visual transformation for Davichi‘s latest music video “Turtle.” She transformed into a modern-day reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe from the 1950’s. In the photos, Hyoyoung looks like a real life doll with her pink locks, flower-print dress, polka dot stocking, and strapped stilettos. Davichi will be making their comeback after being on hiatus for nearly two years. 

A famous production team has been behind the makings of Davichi’s track “Turtle,” which is a medium-tempo ballad that carries a sensual beat. It has been reported that the duo is practicing hard in preparation for their comeback activities.

Davichi’s second album is scheduled for release on March 4.