2AM’s Album Jacket Photos for “One Spring Day” Revealed

Naver Music recently paired up with 2AM for special promotional activities for their upcoming album “One Spring Day.” Naver Music accomplished this by publishing 2AM’s schedule for release of teaser clips and images for their upcoming album, as well as uploading album jacket photos of “One Spring Day.”

The following excerpt, schedule and photos can be found on 2AM’s Naver Music page:

“2AM first knocked on the doors of listener’s hearts with their 2008 hit ‘This Song’! It’s hard to believe that 5 years have passed since their debut. The quartet has once again prepared for fans music that is bound to melt the winter frost and herald the warmth of spring. 2AM collaborated with Epitone Project, Yiruma and No Reply‘s Kwon Soon Kwan for their latest album. The collaboration of talented musicians and vocalists has been garnering great interest from fans.”

“Here is the schedule of 2AM’s promotional teasers for fans!

2/25: Comeback photos + album jacket images released

2/26: 2AM’s “Five Years” clip released

2/27: 2AM’s first teaser clip released

2/28: A medley of highlight moments from 2AM

3/4: 2nd teaser clip released

3/5: Interview on composition of music and lyrics released”

The images on 2AM’s music naver site have also been included below:

“Five Years” Clip

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