Kim Hye Soo to Come Back to Small Screens with New KBS Drama

KBS announced on February 25 that “Kim Hye Soo just confirmed that she’ll be starring in the new drama, ‘Please Come Back, Miss Kim.’ She will portray a new character, which she has not tried yet in the past. The filming will start at the end of this month.” 

With “Please Come Back, Miss Kim,” Kim Hye Soo is returning to the small screens after three years since MBC “Home Sweet Home” in 2010. She is expected to bring her charisma and talent from the big screens to the small screens. In “Please Come Back, Miss Kim,” Kim Hye Soo will play the role of a contract worker, Ms. Kim. Oh Ji Ho has been cast to play the partnering role. Kim Hye Soo and Oh Ji Ho’s character will butt heads with one another in almost all occasions where they cross paths. 

A representative from the production company of “Please Come Back, Miss Kim” expressed much excitement in both Kim Hye Soo and the show. He said, “This is the story that every office worker in Korea could identify with. Through Ms. Kim, who is universally talented at almost everything, viewers would be able to feel this catharsis. Please look forward to Kim Hye Soo and Oh Ji Ho’s chemistry, too. 

“Please Come Back, Miss Kim” is a remake of a popular Japanese drama “Haken no Hinkaku.” The show will begin airing on April 1, in the time slot of “Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek.”