Park Shi Hoo’s Case Update: “A’s” Blood and Urine Samples Test Negative for Drugs

We recently reported that Park Shi Hoo‘s alleged victim “A” might have been drugged according to her friend “B.” However, reports have been made that no traces of any drugs have been traced in victim “A” on February 25.

Suspicions on whether or not victim “A” might have been drugged arose after reports said that she was able to walk out of the bar by herself but had to be carried by rookie actor “K” into Park Shi Hoo’s home.

However, blood tests and urine samples were taken from victim “A” and the tests resulted negative for drugs. This information has been delivered to the police.

However, it is known that there may be newer drugs that dissolve and disappear faster in the blood stream such as GHB, which cannot be detected after 24 hours.

It should also be noted that the blood and urine tests coming out as negative for drugs does not clear Park Shi Hoo from these accusations.

Park Shi Hoo has not followed through with the police’s request to come into the station on February 24 at 10AM or on February 25 at 7PM. Park Shi Hoo’s third and final summons to the police station will be on March 1 at 10AM. If Park Shi Hoo does not comply with the request, there is a possibility of arrest.

Previously, Park Shi Hoo was accused of sexual assault by victim “A” after a night of drinking. Park Shi Hoo, “A” and rookie actor “K” drank together at a bar and moved to Park Shi Hoo’s condo afterwards. “A” claims that she does not remember going into Park Shi Hoo’s home and that when she woke up, she was naked.

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