A Currently Active Idol Member Wrote a Love Song About Go Eun Ah

Actress Go Eun Ah revealed some shocking news about an idol artist, which quickly topped headlines.

On February 25, an episode of “Talk Club Actors” aired and Go Eun Ah confessed, “In one of the albums of a currently active idol group, there is a song that was written for me.”

According to Go Eun Ah, the idol group is not MBLAQ, which is her younger brother Mir‘s group. When asked if she ever dated that particular idol, she answered, “No. He liked me but I didn’t. We were friends since we were young.”

She said, “He told me that he liked me but I wanted to focus on my acting and I was struggling with other things. So I got rid of my phone and even changed my number.”

Go Eun Ah continued, “One day, I received a package at home. It was his group’s album and he told me to listen to it. The track talks about his feelings when I left him and what he hoped for in the future.”

She revealed that the idol artist who liked her was born in 1988.

She said, “The melody is so sad that I have sorry feelings when I listen to it.”

Finally, she was asked, “Does he still contact you?” She answered, “Sometimes. I heard that he hasn’t had a girlfriend ever since he liked me till even now.”