Daesung Reveals More Teaser Videos for Upcoming Solo Japanese Album

With Daesung‘s solo Japanese album just a few days away from release, two commercial spots have been revealed on Big Bang‘s official YouTube channel.

Known as D-Lite in Japan, his album “D’scover” is set for release later this week on February 27. Many of the songs included are actually remakes of popular Japanese songs. In addition, Japanese versions of his past solo tracks “Wings” and “Baby Don’t Cry” are also included.

In the second video, we get a short preview of each of the songs from his album. Earlier this month, Daesung also revealed his music video for “Singer’s Ballad.”

TV Spot

Special Trailer

Album Tracklist
1. Sunny Hill / original song by Do As Infinity
2. Love / by Hata Motohiro
3. Singer’s Ballad / by Saito Kazuyoshi
4. Powerful Boy / by Sukima Switch
5. Hello / by Ayaka
6. Joyful / by Ikimono-gatari
7. Like Overflowing with Kindness / by JUJU
8. Missing You Now / by MISIA
9. The Flower Bud Of My Dream / by Remioromen
10. Baby Don’t Cry (JP Version) / Original
11. Wings (JP Version) / Original
Special Collab Track feat. VERBAL (m-flo):
12. Tonight is Boogie Back / by Ozawa Kenji