JYJ Appears on National Television for Presidential Inauguration

Awesome news for JYJ fans!

On February 25, JYJ was one of a few accomplished musicians who were invited to perform prior to the 18th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony for Park Geun Hye. Many media outlets came to capture the special occasion and many viewers stayed glued to their televisions and smartphones to witness history in the making. Now officially known as President Park Geun Hye, she is the daughter of former dictator Park Chung Hee and also Korea’s first female president.

The slogan for the inauguration was “We’ll Open Hope for the New Generation” and musicians like Jang Yoon Jung, Nam Kyung Joo, Sonya, JYJ and PSY performed. The members of JYJ appeared on television for roughly 42 seconds as they performed “Empty” from their debut studio album, which was released in October 2010.

JYJ also performed representative tracks from the last couple decades like Seo Taiji and Kid’s “I Know” and “Oh! Pilseung Korea.” 70,000 civilians were in attendance and many were fascinated watching the members perform since it’s been rare seeing them performing on television after they filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in mid 2009.