Wonder Girls’ Yubin Talks About Her Thoughts Regarding Her Acting Debut in “The Virus”

Wonder Girls’ Yubin will be doing her first traditional drama after her debut. The press conference for OCN’s “The Virus” was held on February 26. Yubin said, “Personally I really enjoy thriller and mystery genres. Although I am still unaccustomed to acting and have a lot of things I need to work on, the staff members are helping me out so I am happily filming the drama.

Yubin continued, “If you look at my true personality, I am pretty serious. I really liked the role of ‘Joo Young’ because her character had these kinds of qualities. I am very interested in acting, as one can tell by my undergraduate major of acting. It is an honor to be able to take on this role.

Yubin’s character “Lee Joo Young” is part of a special task force to handle special contagious viruses. She is a computer hacker that has strong hairstyles and always puts on smoky makeup.

Yubin ended with, “Due to the fact that it is my first time acting I am very nervous. However, I am trying my best to work as hard as I can. My goal isn’t merely to just show that I am acting well, my goal is to be seen as Joo Young by naturally fitting into the role in the film.”

“The Virus” will begin broadcasting on March 1.