Anchor Criticized for Speaking Negatively About JYJ, C-JeS Talks About Apology

Fans were delighted when they found out that JYJ would be appearing on television to perform for president Park Geun Hye’s inauguration ceremony. However, after the event was televised, fans were outraged at some of the remarks made by a news anchor, who was giving the live commentary of the ceremony.

The ceremony was televised on Channel A and anchor Park Jong Jin and reporter Lee Hyun Soo were on set to give the commentary of the ceremony. When JYJ was performing, Park Jong Jin and Lee Hyun Soo made comments such as, “That’s the group called JYJ. You don’t really know them, right?” and “They’re the ones who tumbled out from DBSK.”

He also said things like, “Compared to those flashy performances on a stage with lights, this performance seems like they’re singing in a karaoke.”

Reporter Lee Hyun Soo tried to patch things up by saying, “It was kind of all over the place but the fact that JYJ stood on this stage has a big meaning,” but netizens and fans were already angered.

On February 26, C-JeS Entertainment spoke with My Daily and said, “The basics of a news channel is to give commentary. Their job is to deliver the facts about the program and the guest stars to the viewers. It’s a shame that these basics were not kept at such a big national event. We believe that the apology should be made for the viewers rather than our agency or the JYJ fans.”

Channel A then spoke with OSEN on February 26 and stated, “Anchor Park Jong Jin did not mean to speak negatively about JYJ and he asks for forgiveness from all the JYJ fans,” and “Reporter Lee Hyun Soo only meant that JYJ is the group that separated from DBSK.”

Channel A continued, “About the stage location and lights– since the event staff did not prepare a better stage and since people were coming and going because it was the beginning of the ceremony, the atmosphere was a bit rowdy. That was what they meant.”

Anchor Park Jong Jin appeared on a show later on and apologized, “I ask for forgiveness from JYJ and all of the JYJ fans. I only said it seemed like a karaoke because the stage wasn’t good enough for their performance. I never had intentions to speak ill of JYJ. I officially apologize.”

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