Netizens Dig Up Photos of Victoria and Changmin as Evidence to Their Dating Rumor

The “spoon incident” that sparked up dating rumors between f(x)‘s Victoria and DBSK‘s Changmin has set the netizens off to dig up photos from the past as “evidence” for their rumored relationship.

Various online community forums and blogs posted on photos that seemed to make Victoria and Changmin look like a couple. One photo shows Victoria and Changmin having the same exact cellphone accessory in the same of a purple bear. Another photo shows Victoria and Changmin carrying the same suitcase. Another photo shows Victoria and Changmin holding hands backstage and on stage for the SMTOWN Concert.

Previously, on February 25, Victoria posted a photo of her home-cooked meal. Changmin’s face was reflected off the spoon and was captured in the photo, which began these rumors.

SM Entertainment stated, “That person is Changmin but there were other people present for this meal as well such as Shim Jae Won. Victoria likes to cook so she cooked for many people on this day.”

However, after seeing these photos, netizens still continue to raise suspicions, making comments such as, “These photos give me a reason to doubt that there is nothing going on between them.” However, others claim that the photos don’t mean anything special.