Park Shi Hoo Tried to Settle with “A” for 100 Million KRW + Other Updates

It has been reported that Park Shi Hoo has tried to settle with victim “A,” who sued him for sexual assault.

On February 26, TV Chosun reported that Park Shi Hoo tried to settle with victim “A” but to no avail. According to the report, Park Shi Hoo’s representatives offered 100 million KRW (roughly around $92,000 USD) to victim “A.” However, victim “A’s” reps reportedly asked for more than the offered amount and refused to come to an agreement.

We previously reported on some new witness statements by victim “A’s” friend, “B.” Friend “B” claimed that victim “A” had been drugged by Park Shi Hoo and rookie actor “K,” who was also present at the time. However, tests resulted negative in finding any traces of drugs in victim “A’s” body.

On February 25, Park Shi Hoo’s lawyers released an official statement about friend “B’s” remarks. They said, “The interview with ‘B’ is all a set-up by ‘A’s’ reps and it is not true at all.”

Park Shi Hoo’s lawyers continued, “Park Shi Hoo has a low alcohol capacity but that night, he was feeling good so he mixed fruit juice, ice and soju and drank about 10 glasses in 3 hours.”

They stated, “Ms. ‘A’ reported to the police that she lost her consciousness for about 13 hours from when she entered Park Shi Hoo’s home to when she got out. Seeing as how she can remember little details that one doesn’t normally remember, her credibility has fallen.”

“Ms. ‘A’ woke up at around 2PM the next day and returned to her home. This was checked through the CCTV in the elevators,” and “Ms. ‘A’ exchanged texts with ‘K’ the next day to check up on each other,” they emphasized

Park Shi Hoo’s lawyers also spoke about why he didn’t show up for the first two summons. “Park Shi Hoo was willing to state his case to the police but he was in the process of switching legal representation so he lost the chance to go.”

Park Shi Hoo’s next summons date is March 1. If he does not show up, an arrest warrant may be released.