Album Release: “Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical,” featuring Brian Joo and Heather Park

We are excited to share with you the news about the CD release for the “Loving the Silent Tears” musical. It was an amazing collaboration with top artists in Hollywood and Broadway as well as international stars, including Korean pop star Brian Joo and Korean-American singer Heather Park. You can find Soompi’s recap of the event and our exclusive interview with Brian Joo here and here.

These heartwarming songs from the musical spread a message of peace and love. Brian and Heather’s duet song, titled “Singing Praise”, is composed by Academy Award & 2-time Grammy Award Winner David Shire and is performed in both English and Korean. Their stunning performance showcased the beauty of Korean culture through the styles of music, costume, set design, and dance.

Check out this short video spot on Brian Joo and Heather Park’s performances in the musical:

Brian shared of his experience, “And the work I did this time in LA, was my first time ever to do a musical in America. It wasn’t a Korean production, it wasn’t another Asian production, it was actually an American production, and although I sang my song in Korean I was just very honored to be able to work in this musical. And it was celebrating the 19th year anniversary of Supreme Master Ching Hai who wrote this book of poetry, beautiful poems. It was a great musical and a great experience.” Heather related, “It’s such a beautiful universal and uplifting and positive message. So it was really just one of the most memorable experiences I think that I’ll have in my life.”

“Singing Praise” can now be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby and Spotify. You can purchase the “Loving the Silent Tears” CD, featuring 29 songs from the musical, and related MP3s at the website