Infinite’s Woo Hyun and Indie Singer Lucia Reveal Teaser for Duet “Cactus”

Infinite’s Woo Hyun and indie singer Lucia’s teaser for their upcoming duet track “Cactus.”

The song is a remake of Epitone Project‘s song of the same name and will be released today, February 27, at 12PM Korea time.

This will be the second project from “Re:Code,” which is being planned and produced by Loen Entertainment. The project concept is to take tracks from skillful underground artists and arrange them in a way to encourage mainstream exposure. Previously a collaboration between Sistar’s Soyu and hip hop artist Geeks on the song “Officially Missing You” had great success.


Their “Coming Soon Interview” was also released on LOEN Entertainment‘s YouTube channel. Subtitled in English, the two talk about working together and their thoughts on the song. Woo Hyun and Lucia also tease more of the song by singing a brief part.