SHINee Talks About Onew and Jonghyun Getting Old and Their “Dream Girls”

On February 26, SHINee made a guest appearance on radio program “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” where DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked the members questions regarding their comeback song “Dream Girl.” As the mic stand choreography is a little difficult, she asked the members who was the slowest to learn the moves. The members quickly picked Onew and Jonghyun.

“It’s because of their age,” Taemin reasoned. Minho added, “Even though some of us are only a year apart, we’re all probably influenced by our ages.” Jonghyun agreed, “It’s because of our age.”

Afterwards, Minho said, “When I don’t have a hard time, I notice that Onew hyung and Jonghyun hyung are having a difficult time during our dances. When I do have a hard time, I notice that Taemin isn’t tired,” proving that age indeed might be a factor.

Meanwhile, the members also revealed their ideal girls during the radio program.

Jonghyun said, “I like a girl with a lot of aegyo and is a little foxy. It would be great if she listens to me well and laughs often.”

Minho shared next, “A girl looks lovely when she’s so into her work and would sometimes tuck her hair behind her ears by habit.” He continued, “It would be great if she loves the sports that I like and that I also like her hobbies. I hope we have a lot of similarities.”

Lastly, Taemin shared his ideal type of girl. “I wish she is sincere and is the same person inside and out.”