Yoo In Na Talks About Being Bullied in High School

Actress Yoo In Na recently shared her experience being singled out by her peers during high school.

On February 26, she made a guest appearance on KBS’s variety program “Moonlight Prince” along with Secret’s Han Sun Hwa. For this episode, the show focused on poet Park Sung Woo’s poem collection “I’m Red” and the emcees and guests shared their adolescent experiences.

On this day, Yoo In Na started off, “In high school, my homeroom teacher was really biased and showed me much favoritism.”

She continued, “However, it’s because of this that my friends singled me out and I became a loner. At the time, I was preparing to be a celebrity so my hair was a little longer than what was allowed and the teachers accommodated a lot for me. I think other classmates were mean because the teachers were really nice to me.”

She went on, “At lunchtime, I would come back to the classroom with a close friend and would see that my chair was wobbly. Also, there would be side dishes on my table. Since it’s on my desk, I have to clean it up. That’s why, since I host a radio program now, I would hear stories about students being bullied and I would really feel for them.”