Teen Top’s L.Joe Talks About “Mask Kiss” Scene with Shin Bora

The comedian Shin Bora appeared on Teen Top’s music video for “Miss Right” and L.Joe kissed her on top of her mask. Recently at a Teen Top showcase, L.Joe talked about the infamous “Mask Kiss.”

The Teen Top 1st official album showcase was held at the Interpark Art Center on February 26. At the showcase L.Joe stated, “The ‘mask kiss’ scene with Shin Bora was decided on the spot on the filming set. Although filming the kiss scene was a bit embarrassing, surprisingly, Shin Bora was even more embarrassed. That is why I think I ended up leading the kiss scene itself.”

The member Chunji stated, “This isn’t the first time that L.Joe has done a kiss scene in a music video. At this rate, I think he will be the Teen Top member who is always chosen to do kiss scenes.”

At this, the show case MC stated, “You should concede some kiss scenes to the other members?”

L.Joe answered, “I think I am the best at kiss scenes.”

Chunji then retorted, “I don’t think that is true.”