D-Unit to Make Comeback by Showing MV in Movie Theaters

Rookie female group D-Unit will be making their comeback by showing their music video in movie theaters.

On March 4 Megabox (one of the major Korean movie theater chains) movie theaters will play D-Unit’s music video as part of the previews for the movies. All Megabox movie-goers will get a chance to be one of the first to watch the one minute and thirty second music video for their upcoming song “Say It to My Face.”

A representative of their agency said, “This is the second time D-Unit has shown their music videos in Megabox theaters. At this is a good opportunity to spread D-Unit’s name, we also have high expectations for their comeback.”

D-Unit will be making their comeback with a new member for their third mini-album that is also produced by Block B’s Zico.