New Group MAIN Releases Debut Music Video “Love Is”

K-Pop’s newest ballad group MAIN released the music video for their debut through their first single “Love Is” on the official CJ E&M Music YouTube channel.

MAIN stands for Music, Aspire, Impressive, and Narrative. Each member (Ilhan, Shihoon, and Jinsung) of the trio boasts various abilities in lyricism, music, and arrangement, making MAIN a self-produced group. Although “Love Is” is their first single as a group, the members have been working in the Korean music industry for some time.

“Love is” is a soft piano ballad, and the style of their voices and harmony is similar to that of Brown Eyed Soul. The music video stars Kim Kang Woo and Yoo Seul Ah but also has the members of MAIN in a cameo in the beginning of the music video.