BFFs Krystal and Kang Ji Young Attend Freshman Orientation at Sungkyunkwan University

f(x)‘s Krystal and Kara‘s Kang Ji Young have recently become college freshmen.

On February 27, several photos of Krystal and Kang Ji Young at the Sungkyunkwan University’s freshman orientation were taken and posted online.

Krystal can be seen sporting a simple black outfit and sitting with her fellow colleagues, smiling for the cameras and speaking with reporters. She is surrounded by other students and she looks happy and bright.

Krystal commented, “As a college student, I will study hard and show you a better me.” When asked what she wants to do the most as a college student, Krystal answered, “I want to attend lectures diligently and since I’ve become an adult now, I want to get a driver’s license.”

When asked how she felt about getting accepted with her BFF Kang Ji Young, Krystal answered, “I think this will allow us to become even closer.”

Kang Ji Young also wore a simple outfit of a white shirt and black jacket. She was seen passing by the front of the room near the stage, carrying a bright facial expression.

Kang Ji Young also attended a special event called “Flying the Planes of Hope” as the representative of the freshman class that nearly contains 4,000 students.

She commented, “I’m so honored to be here as the freshman representative,” and “I hope everyone will be able to become great students to shine our school. I will also try hard as well.”