Lee Da Hae Unveils New and Shocking Pixie-Cut Hairstyle

Lee Da Hae surprised everyone by unveiling her new short pixie-cut hairstyle

Lee Da Hae recently posed for the fashion magazine, “Marie Claire” and displayed a fresh new charm that was never shown before. Lee Da Hae gave off a chic and modern image during the photo shoot, which reportedly left photo shoot staff members in awe.

Lee Da Hae has usually opted for the more feminine image but this time, she stunned everyone with her stylish and boyish charms.

The photo shoot for “Marie Claire” was directed by the famous photographer, Jo Sun Hee with the theme of “Black & White,” which gave off a trendy vibe.

Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae is playing the role of Ji Soo Yeon in KBS’s “IRIS 2.” Shedding her feminine and cutesy roles in the past, Lee Da Hae has successfully transformed into a fierce and charismatic female agent for this drama.